How to configure a wi-fi socket?2021-09-15T16:56:00+02:00

Setting up a HomCloud socket is extremely simple.

  • Download and install the HomCloud App
  • Register a HomCloud account and following the instructions on your smartphone
  • Plug the Wi-Fi socket into any wall socket
  • Press the ON / OFF button on each HomCloud socket for at least 5 seconds until the LED light on the socket flashes quickly.
  • Once on the Homcloud App Homepage, click on the “Add Device” button or the “+” icon
  • You will be asked to confirm that the led light blinks quickly. Click on “confirm” and wait for 100% of the configuration. (less than 60 sec)
  • Once configured, rename it and choose the room where it is located if you wish.
  • Click on the “done” button. The wi-fi socket is ready for use.
What can a wi-fi socket do?2021-09-15T16:52:05+02:00
  • Remote Control – Switch on / off

    Check the wi-fi socket wherever you are. Turn on or off remotely with a simple click.

  • Set Schedule

    Set predefined rules for switching the socket on or off. You can decide to turn it on at random times to simulate your presence at home if you are on vacation or turn it on every evening at sunset when it gets dark in the living room. The possibilities are endless.

  • Timer

    Set a Timer or a Countdown to turn the socket on or off after a certain period of time or after a certain energy consumed.

  • Energy monitoring (Power Meter)

    Calculate the current (mA), Power (W), Voltage (V) and Consumption (KWh) of the devices connected to the wi-fi socket.

Google -Alexa2021-09-15T16:48:17+02:00

All Homcloud devices are compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice assistants.

However, it is very important to connect the Homcloud APP to that of AMAZON / GOOGLE by selecting “SMART LIFE” from Google partners or Alexa skills during pairing.

  • YOU DO NOT NEED to install the smart life app.
  • It must be done ONLY THE FIRST TIME that you connect Homcloud accounts to that of the voice assistants.

After the initial configuration all devices added and configured on Homcloud will automatically appear on the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa apps.


  1. Download and install Homcloud App and create an account.
  2. Create a Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa account.
  3. Configure a device as instructed.
  4. Download and install the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa APP.
  5. Connect the Homcloud account to that of Google / Amazon by selecting “SMART LIFE” from Google partners or Alexa Skills.

Click on the brand of your choice below for more information on these few simple steps.

How does the HomCloud Smart Home work?2021-09-15T16:41:08+02:00

The HomCloud Smart Home only needs:

  • Mobile device with Wi-Fi connection (IOS 8.0 or more and Android 4.0 or more)
  • Wi-Fi ADSL- Fiber 2.4 Ghz connection in your home
  • During installation, the Wi-Fi device and smartphone must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Just plug in the devices (or insert the battery) and follow the instructions for configuring the products on the App.

If you already have a wi-fi network at home and a smartphone, you already have everything you need.

What is a Smart Home or Smart Home?2021-09-15T16:37:47+02:00

Smart Home is a part and at the same time an evolution of home automation. It allows you to manage lights, sockets, appliances, gates, shutters and much more inside or outside your home with your smartphone or thanks to voice commands. Thanks to the Wi-Fi network, all smart devices communicate with each other without cables.


Mobile device with 3G-4G Wi-Fi connection Wi-Fi ADSL-Fiber 2.4 Ghz connection in your home during installation, the Wi-Fi device and the smartphone must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

How do I set up a Scenario with the HomCloud App?2021-09-15T16:34:15+02:00

Quickly and easily create a scenario with the smart devices in your home within the HomCloud APP.

When you manually select it from your smartphone or ask the voice assistants to perform it, all the actions you have chosen will be carried out simultaneously.

How do I set up an Automation with the HomCloud App?2021-09-15T16:32:38+02:00

Quickly and easily create an automation between the smart devices in your home within the HomCloud APP.

When one or more of your chosen conditions occur, others are automatically triggered.

How to share a device with family members?2021-09-15T16:27:53+02:00

After setting up any HomCloud device, sharing it with your family members is super easy and can be done immediately.

  • Enter the HomCloud App and select the device you want to share with other family members.
  • Click on the edit device icon (a pencil) at the top right.
  • Click on “Device Sharing”
  • Click on “Add Sharing”
  • Select the number or email of the corresponding member and click on “Finish”
  • The device is now controlled by both family members. If it is turned on or off by another person you will be notified.
What should I do when my device does not connect to the network?2021-09-15T16:20:10+02:00
  1. Check if the device is powered and turned on.
  2. Make sure your network environment is receiving strong and stable signals. Place the mobile phone connected to the same local network near the device and open a web page to check if the navigation is smooth and stable.
  3. If the network is normal but the device’s network connection still fails, check if the router is overloaded. (routers have a maximum of smart devices they can accept) You can disable a device’s Wi-Fi function to reserve the channel for resource reallocation.
  4. Check if the entered router password is correct. Check if there are any gaps before and after the Wi-Fi account name or password and if there are any uppercase issues.
  5. Make sure broadcast for Wi-Fi is enabled and not hidden. Make sure your device has been added on a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi band. (Check if 2.4GHz band and 5GHz band share the same Wi-Fi account. If so, we recommend setting up two accounts and switch to the 2.4 GHz band when first connecting to the network.)
  6. Make sure the encryption method and authentication type are set to WPA2-PSK and AES respectively for the router’s wireless settings, or both are set to Auto. Make sure the wireless mode isn’t set to just 11n.
  7. If wireless MAC address filtering is enabled for your router, remove the device from the router’s MAC address filter list to make sure it can connect to the network. You can also turn off MAC address filtering.
  8. Make sure the DHCP service is enabled for the router. Otherwise, the IP address will be busy.

If your device still fails to connect after the steps above, please provide us with the app account and device ID. We will make sure that the technical support solves this problem.

How do I make sure that the frequency to which the device will connect is 2.4Ghz?2021-09-08T17:09:39+02:00

Very often in dual band routers the 2.4 GHz band and the 5 GHz band share the same Wi-Fi account. In that case, we recommend that you set up two accounts and switch to the 2.4 GHz band when connecting to the network.

  1. (best option) Enter the router settings via IP address and rename the two band frequencies with two different names. (ex: hello2.4 and hello5). When the Homcloud App asks you for the name of the wi-fi network, be sure to enter the 2.4 Ghz one. (if you don’t know how to do it you can call your internet provider and ask them to do it remotely)
  2. Enter the router settings via IP address and temporarily disable the 5Ghz band frequency. When the Homcloud App asks you for the name of the wifi network, be sure to enter the 2.4 Ghz one. After the configuration you can reactivate the 5ghz band and there will be no more conflicts.
What should I do when my device goes offline after changing the router or network?2021-09-08T17:09:49+02:00

Network configurations change if you replace the router or use a new network. To use a device that has been connected to a different network, first remove the device, reconnect it to the new network, and then add it again.

Whenever you change the router or even just the password to the home wi-fi, the smart Homcloud devices (and all smart home devices in general) must always be reconfigured with the new credentials.

Why am I unable to receive push messages from the app?2021-09-08T16:58:09+02:00

It is important to give all permissions to all notifications both on your smartphone and within the Homcloud app in the message center in the part dedicated to the “profile”

  • Check that your mobile phone allows the app to send push messages.
  • If your mobile phone and device allow the app to send push messages but you are not receiving messages, check that the message center of the app has the message notification feature. If the notification function exists, check that the ” push” function is enabled for the message center and that the message center has new message notifications.
  • If the push function is enabled for the message center and your mobile phone, but you still do not receive any messages, please provide us your device ID and the messages you should have received. We will make sure that the technical support technicians solve this problem.

There is also the DO NOT DISTURB Schedule function within the app, in the message center settings, which allows not to be disturbed during the night only by some devices rather than others.


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